About the Film Maker

John Beattie John Beattie has been a Long Island Surfer since 1963. He witnessed LI Surfing go from a small group of mostly high school and college aged surfers to a well established community of all ages from young children to 60+70 year olds. John grew up in Massapequa Park. His generation of surfers participated in the rapid growth and revolutionary changes that occurred in Surfing during the latter half of the 1960's and 70's. John learned the art of surfboard building in 1967 from renowned Surfboard builder, Jim Campbell and eventually opened up Surfboard Revolution in Amityville with his friend and fellow Surfer, Peter Akey.

John was married in 1976 and raised a family of four children with his wife Heidi in Selden. He was a regular at Smith's Point from 1980 until he had a stroke in 2007. After two years of healing he improved enough to begin driving and resuming some of the activities of regular life. However residual weakness of his right arm and leg and leave him unable to Surf anymore.

A Hundred Miles to The End John felt that Surfing had been such a big part of his life that he couldn't just leave it behind, so he gathered his video equipment and started filming others Surfing as a way to remain connected to the sport he loves. After filming the locals at Smith's Point and posting short videos on You Tube for a couple of years he was invited to film some friends surfing the hurricane Bill swell on Block Island. He edited the trip for them a presented each of them with a copy of a 45 minute video of their trip. They liked it so much they encouraged him to take his filming of surfing to the next level. John decided that he wanted to give something back to the LI Surfing community for all the years of fun and enjoyment and for all the people he met and places he traveled to over the years.

John began a journey to visit many of the spots he used to surf and rediscover the people and the community that exits there today. He began Filming surfing and interviewing the Surfers that he met along the way. Starting in Long Beach and working his way East to Montauk. He calls the film A Hundred Miles to The End.

At present filming is complete and the premier of the film is set for July 2013.